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aeyde Collectables + Aino Laberenz
A limited edition of 200 silk scarves

aeyde Collectables is a new collaborative series inspired by the culture of heirlooms. We launch with an exclusive silk scarf created for aeyde by Berlin-based artist, set and costume designer Aino Laberenz.

Aino has worked as a set and costume designer for theatres including the Schauspielhaus Zurich, Volksbühne Berlin and Vienna's Burgtheater. She is managing director of Christoph Schlingensief's Opera Village Africa and was awarded the Golden Lion for her design of the German pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2011. Aino has created a custom design for our aeyde Collectables silk scarf that uses her personal collage technique and draws on her experience in the theatre.

The AINO silk scarf is hand printed in Italy in a limited edition of 200 pieces.


Aino Laberenz on collecting

"I like having beautiful things around me, whether furniture or pictures, often with a story or a memory attached. But not everything has to be connected with memories. I would find it too distracting.

For example, I own an oil painting of a woman. I have no idea who she is and the picture does not come from my family or any personal connections. I bought it on eBay 9 or 10 years ago for very little money, but since then she has become my house spirit.

But there are also heirlooms I have, like drinking glasses from my great-grandmother, that are very important to me and which I look after carefully. I am extremely attune to objects, because they can bring back memories for you in a special way."

Designing AINO

"To make the silk scarf, I worked intuitively. As a costume designer I have an understanding of fabrics and colours, and in my design practice I like to absorb conservative forms, and then break them. So I returned to the classic motif of flowers, which led me to thistles, then to the strong colours of black, dark purple and blue. For a material contrast, I included my own hands wearing black patent leather gloves. The finished piece is therefore an interplay of deliberation and intuition, and a collage of drawing, photography and editing."

aeyde Collectables

A collaborative series of limited edition objects, inspired by the culture of heirlooms. Each piece encourages a new generation to cultivate the art of collecting objects with history and meaning.

aeyde Collectables are designed in partnership with artists and creatives from across different disciplines. The series presents an individual's creative vision, using the finest materials and showcasing the handmade quality of our products.


Andreas Murkudis sells curated designer fashion, fine interior pieces and home accessories. His products are curated according to Murkudis’ fundamental belief in clean aesthetics, quality, longevity. Above all, he selects according to a feeling of personal attachment to each item, making aeyde Collectables an excellent fit for the store. Andreas Murkudis’ clients come from all over the world, and he is a driving force in Berlin's creative scene.