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The Freedom of Uncertainty
In Conversation with Joanna Krawczyk
For our Fall/Winter ‘22 film ‘Intersection’, we see three women’s stories collide on the streets of Berlin. In a series of interviews, we sit down with each protagonist to unravel what they value, how they view themselves, and how they approach the world. For Part Two, we talk to Joanna Krawczyk, a visual artist and photographer hailing from Poland and currently residing in Berlin. Between honing her artistic practice and exhibiting her work across Europe, Krawczyk has enjoyed success as a model, giving her unique experience in the art of balance and finding freedom in uncertainty. In this interview, we spoke to Joanna about the rhythms of her daily life in the city, and how they influence her innermost thoughts and sense of self.

Words: Katie Cazalet-Smith
Aeyde: Can you describe your favorite type of day in Berlin?

Joanna Krawczyk: My favorite days are those in which I don’t feel obligated to follow any schedule and when I can enjoy the freedom and spontaneity of the moment. I like to have time for myself and the energy to wake up early. I love to go to the forest for a run, or go for a swim and feel my body immersed in the water. I’ll have a cold shower afterward, and drink green tea—simple things. I’ll work at my studio. Then I’ll read some poetry and maybe meet some friends. Being in Berlin grants me a certain freedom because I feel able to express myself exactly as I want. It’s a place where I feel integrated with many people from the same community.

A: Do you find yourself daydreaming when you’re moving through Berlin?

JK: Sometimes, but then I try to not think about anything. I think this is the freest moment—when there are no thoughts and you can just forget about time. It’s the same when I’m running. I like to simply ‘feel’ the space and the moment. I enjoy the silence. I save my dreams for when I’m sleeping. I love it when you can sense yourself being completely weightless, and I try to return to this feeling as much as possible.

A: Where do you draw feelings of power and confidence from?

JK: I think every situation can be powerful, it's more about your position in the situation. But what gives me power and strength specifically are my friends. Community is very important to me. I also feel powerful when I’m moving and exercising. Sport gives me confidence and energy, especially when I feel particularly fast or reactive.

A: Is there a moment where you feel most like yourself?

JK: I think I feel most like myself every day. I don’t think there’s a specific occasion when I feel more or less than myself. Even when I model, I still think I am being myself. The only exception is when someone is telling me exactly what to do and I become a sort of object and give my body to the situation. But generally, I feel like myself every day.

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