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“Broadcasting from Berlin”
The Launch of Aeyde Radio
Words: Aeyde Team
Video: Karacho
Date: 08.06.2023
Introducing Aeyde Radio—a new online platform celebrating Berlin’s vibrant music scene. The new hub will encompass artist interviews, genre-agnostic mixes and accompanying livestream visuals with the curatorial advisory of Resident Advisor's Editor-in-Chief Whitney Wei.

Berlin, the heart of arts and culture, has also long been considered an influential global center for music. Though many now consider the German capital a mecca for techno and dance music on the whole, its history contains a rich tapestry of other genres, too. Under the rule of Fredrick II, 19th-century Berlin saw its golden era of operatic and orchestral concerts. The city is in the midst of another renaissance, thanks to the introduction of Detroit's revolutionary four-on-the-floor sound that traversed the Atlantic in the late 1980s and became the soundtrack for post-Wall underground and counterculture scenes until today. Berlin's rich musical heritage and vibrant contemporary scene have inspired the launch of 'Aeyde Radio,' a platform that celebrates the city's diverse talent.
"As a brand, we believe that providing thoughtful curation is paramount, enabling individuals to discover and appreciate the true depth and brilliance of our city's creative scene. Aeyde Radio serves as a platform to celebrate the diverse talents of Berlin, highlighting the innovation and artistic expressions that make this city truly exceptional."
—Aeyde Founder, Luisa Dames
The mix series encompasses a full range of international genres with a nod to German sounds. Listeners can expect anything from modern classical and deep house to left-field techno to ambient soundscapes. These hour-long sets will live on the homepage of our website for two months as the musical accompaniment to our online experience.

We will partner with a number of notable guest editors to lend their curatorial expertise to the venture. Resident Advisor's Editor-in-Chief Whitney Wei is the first collaborator, holding a tenure of six months.

Known for her decade-long experience in the electronic music and club culture space, Wei was formerly the Editor-in-Chief of Telekom Electronic Beats and spent the early years of her career within both music and fashion spaces, freelancing for Pitchfork, Vogue US, and Highsnobiety. She has lived in Berlin since 2017, immersing herself in the local creative scene. Though her specialty lies in electronics, she will pull from her wider music knowledge to shape the sounds of Aeyde Radio, ensuring that the platform resonates with the sounds of the capital. For the project, Wei will also lead thoughtful Q&As with the commissioned artists to delve further into their respective influences and practices.

Image: Kasia Kim-Zacharko

"Berlin has always been a cosmopolitan mecca for artists, musicians, and intellectuals. It's a city that fosters experimentation and innovation, attracting creative minds from all around the world. Since coming here five years ago, Berlin has become my adopted home, and it's where my career in music journalism fully blossomed. Through Aeyde Radio, I am honored to help showcase the immense talent I've witnessed in this city."
—Resident Advisor’s Editor-in-Chief, Whitney Wei 
The inaugural mix comes from Bethlehem Mulat aka Venetta, an electronic musician originally from Canada who played in Berghain's Panorama Bar just this past February. Clocking in at just under an hour, Mulat's work for Aeyde Radio is a response to the state of the world—to seek solace by going inwards—she says, and includes meditative selections from Bibio, John Beltran and The Kyoto Connection. "It's cathartic to hear music that you've never heard before, that makes you feel something. I also love to play around with tension a lot in my practice and also with my DJ sets." Mulat explains, citing music's healing properties as the inspiration for her contribution.
The on-site multimedia listening experience includes footage of iconic sites across Berlin. Visitors to the hub can expect to see Strausberger Platz, a monumental urban square, and Karl-Marx-Allee, a vast socialist boulevard where some of the city's most impressive Brutalist architecture and the Aeyde headquarters are located. From the east the footage travels westerly, capturing facets of the famous Hansaviertel aka Berlin’s ‘Bauhaus neighborhood’—an area of the city constructed in the 1950s based on Modernist principles.

With Aeyde Radio, the exploration of the robust musical history and cultural zeitgeist within Berlin continues, offering a journey for our audience that embraces all facets of sound that the city has to offer. Stay tuned. 

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