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Designed in Berlin, Handmade in Italy.

Aeyde is a Berlin-based footwear and accessories house founded in 2015.

Aeyde founder Luisa Dames envisioned a more understated version of luxury, and set out to democratize modern design and enduring quality. Her intention was to challenge preconceived notions of luxury by focusing on transparent pricing, sustainable sourcing, slow consumption, and minimalistic design.

Drawing from German concepts of modernity, Aeyde has developed a signature aesthetic defined by classic shapes and modern details—marrying form and function, the past and the present, the masculine and the feminine. As CEO and creative mind behind every Aeyde product, Dames’s vision is inextricable from the modernist roots of her native Germany.

Each collection is a dialogue between brand and culture in which Dames translates contemporary and historical movements into refined products. Aeyde is Dames’s opportunity to unite the intriguing juxtaposition of commercial reality and creativity into casual, but chic design.

Born as a digital-first and direct-to-consumer brand, Aeyde is now available at select retailers and ships to 30 countries around the world.

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