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Founded in 2015, aeyde is a Berlin-based footwear and accessories house providing contemporary design of uncompromising quality. With the ambition to challenge preconceived notions of luxury, Creative Director Luisa Dames set out to build a brand that offered democratic pricing, sustainable sourcing, slow consumption, and minimal design. 

Drawing from the visual language of German modernism, the signature aeyde aesthetic is defined by classic shapes with modern details. The marriage of form and function, the past and the present, and the masculine and the feminine underpins every element of the collection, from refined footwear to contemporary jewelry. Each endeavor is imbued with the commitment to an understated version of luxury, translating to high-quality modern staples that transcend trends.

Born as a digital-first and direct-to-consumer brand, aeyde is now available at select retailers and ships worldwide.