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PS24 Editorial
“The Birdwatcher”
Words: Meghan Costelloe
Images: Vitali Gelwich
For Pre-Spring ‘24, we release the first in a series of editorial commissions that Aeyde will publish across the Spring/Summer ‘24 calendar. We invite photographers, artists, writers, and selected creative partners to collaborate with the brand, to explore the season’s overarching theme of murmurations.

Shot in Berlin from a vantage point overlooking the city during the changing of the seasons, the editorial draws parallels between the passing of time, the ebb and flow of daily urban life, and this natural phenomenon of murmurations—when thousands of birds migrate south.
For this installment, we partner once more with photographer Vitali Gelwich. In “The Birdwatcher,” Gelwich chronicles one woman’s story as it intertwines with the world around her, tracing the notion of the collective from a singular perspective.
A routine, remarkable part of the spring season, murmurations are a visual spectacle that represent unity, interconnectedness, and change–concepts that underpin the Spring/Summer ‘24 Kollektion. In “The Birdwatcher,” we showcase new footwear, jewelry, and accessories as core parts of life’s ritual and fleeting moments. 
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