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We’ve partnered up with one of the leading voices in fashion Camille Charrière to create a three piece capsule collection playing with the topic of duality and the forces of the moon.

Follow @thisisaeyde to see the collection go live on December 1st.

A message from Camille:
“aeyde has stood out to me since it first launched. It succeeds at what few achieve: to create classic pieces that stand the test of time, but edgy enough not to be boring. I loved the idea of putting my mark on a brand that I love and buy myself, so when Luisa approached me about working on a capsule, I immediately said yes.

My challenge was to design pieces that I would want to wear for many moons to come, but that also feel fresh and cool. I hope you will love the collection as much as I do, and I can’t wait to see what version of yourself the shoes bring out in you!”
Working together, we translated Camille’s dual identity as a Parisienne living in London into three designs that epitomise Camille’s style, bridging English eccentricity and French chic. Her unique aesthetic finds clear expression in the combination of black and white leather, and the colour pairing is also linked to the two sides of the moon: part in shadow, part in light.

The symbol of a half moon appears as part of the aeyde + Camille Charrière branding on the soles of the shoes and on the bespoke, sustainably-sourced packaging. Each shoebox also contains exclusive aeyde + Camille Charrière moon cards, designed to help the wearer harness the moon’s energy in the four phases of a lunar cycle: New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon and Waning Moon.

Collection dropping December 1st. In the meantime, discover our New Arrivals.