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Our first endeavor with chrome-free and environmentally-friendly vegetable tanned leather. A substantial boot born from responsible design and production, this shoe is made to wear for years to come.
KARLO €325
Produced Responsibly
The vegetable-tanning method is strictly monitored from start to finish to ensure a low impact on the environment. Our tannery begins with locally-sourced hides that are by-product of the food industry, which are then tanned with non-toxic, natural substances found from trees and vegetables. Much of the waste produced during the process is recovered, recycled and reused to have a second life as fertilizer and building bricks.
KARLO €325
Quality to Keep
We value long-lasting satisfaction over quick turnover, and produce only what is really needed. Keeping a high standard of design, materials, and craftsmanship allows us to make products that are meant to be cherished and held onto – not discarded the next season.
KARLO €325
It’s All in the Detail
Due to the naturalness of vegetable tanned hides, not one is the same – each has its own personality and charm. Tannin, the active ingredient in the tanning process, transforms the leather into a durable material that only gets better with age
KARLO €325
Handcrafted Luxury
Our family-owned Italian factories have a long-standing tradition in refined artisanship, and make each aeyde shoe by hand for luxury-grade quality that will last a lifetime. Leather is still hand-lasted with pliers, glue hand-painted, and nails hammered into soles by shoemakers who have been passing on the trade from generation to generation.
KARLO €325