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SS22 Concept
'New Perspectives'

Beauty and intrigue lie in the moments in between. From a period of uncertainty, we learn to savor what was once overlooked and relish the finer details. We are revived by a newfound romanticism for life’s vibrancy, emboldened by the energy of the warmer months.

For Spring/Summer ‘22, we destroy old patterns and adjust the lens through which we see the world. Everyday spaces and objects take on new meaning, as we pay homage to the fragments that make life richer. A moment of quiet, the contours of a favorite chair—once innocuous experiences become things to be cherished.

This season, we see life from a different perspective. As we step into the Bauhaus structure, steeped in history and cultural significance, our new collection finds context. Perfection is found in imperfection, the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the beautiful in the banal.

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