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Behind our Outdoor Capsule

For Fall/Winter ‘22, we combine parallel worlds for our new outdoor capsule. Inspired by the original German moccasins, brand new Mara, Max, and Mathilde reimagine a classic design for a contemporary context. Contrasting the past with the present, a traditional, moccasin upper is paired with a sturdy, modern sole across three distinct outdoor boots—envisioned to take you from day to night, and from cityscape to countryside. Taking cues from the capsule, we took a road trip to the Brandenburg countryside with Aeyde muse Matilde to to explore life’s parallels. In this editorial, we delve into the inspiration behind the campaign.

Words: Katie Cazalet-Smith
Images: Ferry Mohr
Inspired by the capsule’s marriage of old and new, we escaped the modernist cityscape of our native Berlin for the tranquility of the nearby countryside. In collaboration with photographer Ferry Mohr, the concept was centered on duality, which played out across every element of the campaign. The harmony between movement and silence, the earth and sky, and the natural and manmade, became the basis of the capsule’s visual language, underpinned by the sprawling landscape. With Mohr’s interest in abstraction, the finished result balances the conceptual with the literal, producing parallels between the imagery and the capsule itself.
To appreciate the significance of the new capsule’s iconic silhouettes, we look back to the German “Grashopper” moccasin. Created by Peter Sapper of Sioux in 1964, the cult shoe blazed trails thanks to its fresh design approach. At the time, slimmer, more straightforward shoes were favored, meaning Sapper’s moccasin and crepe sole combination was considered innovative. As such, the shoe became a symbol of a generation that valued freedom, idealism, and self-determination.

While Mara, Max, and Mathilde’s predecessors are associated with casual style, their contemporary constructions are versatile enough to take you from day to night, and from countryside to cityscape. Like all Aeyde design, the structures of our new styles have been perfected through iteration, resulting in classic uppers of the Grashopper fused with a sturdy, contemporary sole. The flat shoe Mara is truer to the original reference, while Max and Mathilde extend the design to ankle and knee heights, providing an option for every opportunity.

The Outdoor Capsule is available now on
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